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By Lawrence Kaufman, Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) 561-302-0568


I provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. I work with individuals 16 years old, and older. Over the thirty years that I have been in practice as a therapist, I have worked with a very broad and wide range of issues, problems, and conflicts. Below, I have listed a sampling of the kinds of issues and concerns that clients have come to me for help with.

Some of the more common reasons people seek out my professional services are to get help with the following problems (not listed in any particular order): stress; anxiety; depression; excessive guilt and/or worry; relationship difficulties; work and school difficulties; compulsions, addictions and chemical dependencies; eating problems and disorders; chronic tiredness, fatigue, and general lack of motivation; “mid-life crisis;” challenges resulting from lifestyle transitions; sleep difficulties; physical problems that their physicians cannot satisfactorily treat; the aftereffects of (childhood and adult) trauma; the consequences of emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse; a general lack of satisfaction with their lives, and a wish to achieve their fullest potentials.

I work with couples who are married and not married. They present challenging and unresolved problems prior to living together, and while living together. I work with couples who are engaged, married, transitioning to divorce, and divorced. Some people I work with are focused on issues related to children: whether or not to have children, when to have children, how many children to have, and a variety of co-parenting issues.

Some other issues I frequently work with include: balancing the needs and preferences for alone and together time; addressing different preferences with regard to the division of household and other responsibilities; sexual problems and incompatibilities; affairs (sexual and emotional); conflicts over finances; relationships with in-laws and (same-gender and other-gender) friends; chronic or excessive use of a substance, or substances, by one or both of the partners; conflicts over one partner’s participation levels in an activity or activities outside of the home; emotional and physical distancing; repetitive and destructive arguments and fights (negative interaction cycles); a general lack of emotional engagement in the relationship (as with the partners feeling like they are just roommates); a loss of love, caring, or respect for the partner.

With regard to working with families, I work with a couple (or only one parent present) plus the addition of a minor or grown child or children, and/or a parent, or other members of the family present. (With families and step-families these combinations can get creative.) Some of the typical issues I deal with are: conflicts over household responsibilities; use of drugs; a breakdown of discipline; a breakdown of civility (that is, family members not treating one another with respect, consideration, empathy, or concern); poor communication and conflict resolution skills; the problem of one member of a family over-functioning and another under-functioning; disputes and tensions over money and time priorities; school and work problems; the complications involving a psychiatric illness in one member of the family; a chronic or serious medical problem in a family member; the expected or actual death of a family member; religious, political, social, cultural or other major differences between family members.

I work a lot with psychologically sophisticated communication and conflict resolution skills. I draw upon the resources of many different theoretical approaches in doing psychotherapy (therapy). However, I put theories in the background while in sessions. I am focused on tailoring my therapeutic approaches to the unique needs and personalities of my clients. One size never fits all. I emphasize that effective therapy focuses on relationships — not on procedures and exercises.

I see most of my clients on a fee-for-service basis, but I do work with a few insurance companies. (I have much concern for confidentiality.) Please call me (at 561-302-0568) for more details on this matter.

I see clients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays — mornings, afternoons, and evenings — and on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

I don’t do any other kind of work. I’m a full-time couple therapist and psychotherapist. I devote my time and energies to being, and becoming, the most effective, competent, helpful, and sensitive psychotherapist I can be.