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Welcome to my website! I’m glad that you have taken the first important step to find out how I could be of help to you. Whether this is the first time you are thinking about giving counseling or therapy (psychotherapy) a try, or you have had previous professional help, I am available to help you meet your needs.

Since counseling is a very personal process, it is very important that you feel comfortable and confident in who you select to open up to. I have been providing quality individual and couple counseling to many different kinds of people for over thirty years. My substantial professional experience and advanced skills can be of great benefit to you in your goal of finding solutions to your most difficult and pressing, challenges and problems.

Whether you are looking to begin counseling right away, or you are thinking about entering counseling in the near future, you may want to call me to see if you feel a sense of rapport and “fit” with me. I offer a 15-minute telephone consultation at no cost. You are under no obligation to make an appointment if you do not feel ready to do so. I do hope you decide to reach out to me. You probably will gain much more than you think you could.

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Take a first step in finding out if I’m the best therapist/ counselor to help you, by scheduling a free, 15 minute, confidential, consultation by phone. There’s no obligation.


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