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About Me and My Practice top imageFor some people, it may seem like a big step to contact a therapist — especially if they have never worked with one before. It may also be difficult too for people who have had a bad — or not particularly helpful — experience with a previous therapist or counselor. Or perhaps you have heard about other peoples’ experiences with “helping professionals.” When working with a therapist it is extremely important to feel safe, comfortable, and trusting. Sometimes, due to previous experiences people have had –whether with therapists/counselors or with other people — they feel reluctant to reach out again for connection with, and help from, others. At the extreme end, some people anticipate or fear being retraumatized in another interpersonal situation.

I think it is extremely important to never give up hope that there could be a person or persons out there who could finally meet some of your needs that are not currently being met. So, I’m suggesting you push yourself to reach out and give yourself the opportunity to discover, and be pleasantly surprised, that you just may find new experiences, with new and different people in your life, that could help you significantly in your quest to change and grow towards meeting your hopes and dreams. So much is at stake!

You and I have the opportunity to make contact with little risk on your part — and hopefully, much to gain. Please think about this carefully. I would welcome hearing from you so that we could chat and you could see how I might be able to be of help to you. You are not obligated in any way to go beyond this point.

You can reach me directly at 561-302-0568.

email me at kaufmancounseling@gmail.com, or you can fill out the contact form on this website.


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