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(Note: This list and the four other lists in this series of words will be revised several times each year. So, you may want to bookmark this page for future reference.)


Below are some of the most commonly used words (and phrases [not just a single word]) that my clients have used to express (or begin to express) their feelings, and to describe the feelings that they view others as having. This list can be used to help people in counseling and psychotherapy (and those who are not) more accurately and skillfully identify and name/ label their feelings (or words closely related to feelings), and to clearly, verbally communicate and express their inner feelings, experiences, and perceptions, to others they are close to.

You can add additional feeling related words to this list as you become aware of them in your daily life. You can also delete words from this list and then add them to another list in this series. For example, you can switch the word “abandoned” from the Level 1 list to the Level 2 list. You can also switch a word from the Level 2 list to the Level 1 list if you find this better matches your unique experience.

In addition, you can conveniently and easily print out these entire lists and email them (if you choose) to any email address you would like to send them to. (Just click on the “Print This” icon at the end of each list.) I wish you well in your lifelong journey towards beneficially increasing your emotional skill level and literacy! Your feedback on these lists is most welcome.


List of somewhat commonly used words that express feelings (directly or indirectly)

(This is the second list in a series of five increasingly challenging vocabulary lists.)

Updated on 3/25/20

able acceptable adequate adorable adored
adventurous aggravated agitated agreeable alarmed
all right apologetic appealing appreciative approved of
aroused arrogant artistic assaulted assured
astounded at ease attached aware awesome

battered beat behind belittled below average
bereaved bitter blah blasted blissful
blue blunt bold bossed around bright
brilliant broken down bruised brutal bubbly

caged in carefree charitable cheap cheated on
childish chilled clear cocky codependent
coerced combative comforted comical compassionate
competitive compliant complimented conceited concentrating
condemned conflicted confronted connected conned
conservative considerate consistent constructive contagious
contented contradictory cornered cowardly cozy
crabby cramped cranky crappy crushed
cuckoo cursed      

damned daring dazed dead deceitful
deceptive deep defenseless defensive defiant
deficient deformed delicate depended upon depleted
deserted deserving desirable desired despairing
despised despondent detached deteriorated determined
devastated devious devoted diplomatic dirtied
disagreeable disapproving disbelieved disbelieving disciplined
disconnected disgraced disgraceful disillusioned disinterested
disloyal disobedient disoriented disregarded disrespectful
disruptive distasteful distrustful distrusting dominated
dopey double crossed doubtful doubting down and out
down in the dumps drowning dulled dumped dumped on

ecstatic elated elderly empathic energetic
energized enjoyable enjoyment enraged entertained
envied erratic euphoric evil exasperated
exasperating exceptional excluded exhilarated exposed
extraordinary extravagant      

fabulous fake faulty favored fearless
fidgety fierce firm fit flattered
flawed focused forgiven forgiving forgotten
foul frantic fraudulent frazzled fresh
fulfilled full of hope fussy futile  

genuine gifted giving glamorous gloomy
gratified grief-stricken grieving gross grossed out
grouchy grown up grumpy    

handicapped handsome harmed harmless hated
hateful healed heartbroken heavy helped
helpless heroic hesitant high horny
horrendous horrified humiliated hung up hungover
hyper hyperactive hysterical    

imaginative immature impartial imperfect impulsive
in awe of in the way in touch incapable incoherent
inconsiderate inconsistent incredible independent indifferent
inefficient infected inflexible inhibited innocent
insightful insignificant insincere inspired inspiring
intense interfered with intimate intimidated intolerant
intrigued intruded upon invigorated invincible involved
irrational irrelevant irresistible irritable isolated

jerked around jittery jolly jolted joyful
judged justified      

kept away kept out kicked around kindly knocked out

lean lectured to lifeless light listened to
logical longing lovable    

malnourished manic manipulated manipulative manly
masochistic maternal meek merry messed up
mild-mannered minimized misbehaved mischievous miserly
misled mistaken mistrusted mocked modest
moody mothered murderous mysterious  

naive naked narrow-minded nauseated negligent
neighborly neurotic neutral noisy nosey
noticed numb nutty    

obligated oblivious observed obsessed obsessive
obsolete obstinate off offensive old fashioned
on edge oppositional oppressed optimistic out of it
out of place outraged outrageous over it overconfident
overdependent overjoyed overloaded overlooked overpowered
oversensitive overstimulated overvalued    

pained panicked panicky paralyzed paranoid
passed by passionate passive peaceful peculiar
perplexed persecuted persistent persuaded perverted
pessimistic petty phobic picked apart picky
pitied pitiful plain playful pleasurable
poisoned poisonous polite polluted pooped
poor practical praised preached to precious
preoccupied private privileged proper protective
provocative provoked psychotic pulled apart pulled in
pumped up pure pushy put out put upon

qualified queer      

rational rattled ready realistic rebellious
receptive reckless recognized recovered refreshed
regretful religious reluctant remarkable reprimanded
repulsed rescued resourceful respectful responsible
restless restricted retarded revengeful rewarded
ridiculed ripped off robbed romantic ruined

sacrificed sadistic sarcastic scarred second-rate
self-centered self-confident self-conscious self-critical self-destructive
self-hatred self-sacrificing senile separated set up
sexy shaken up shamed shortchanged shouted out
shown up shut down sickened significant silent
sinful skeptical sloppy sluggish slutty
smashed smothered snapped at sneaky sociable
social soft solid soothed sophisticated
sound speechless spiteful splendid stable
stale startled steady stimulated stingy
stoned strained stranded strangled strengthened
stressed strict stuck up stunned stunning
sturdy stylish suicidal superb superficial
superstitious surrendered swamped swell sympathetic

taken for granted talkative tasteless tasty thankful
thoughtful thoughtless thrifty ticked off timid
tormented tortured touched touchy traumatized
troubled trusted trustworthy truthful  

unacknowledged unafraid uncertain unconvinced underestimated
unfit unforgiving unfriendly unfulfilled ungrateful
ungratified unimportant unimpressed uninterested unique
unjust unloved unmotivated unneeded unnerved
unrecognized unresponsive unruly unsafe unsettled
unsteady unsuspecting untrusting unwelcomed unworthy
upbeat uplifted useful    

vague valued victimized violated vocal
volatile vulgar      

wasted weighed down well-meaning wicked wiped out
withdrawn witty worked up worn down wronged



By Lawrence Kaufman, Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)       561-302-0568
7301 W Palmetto Park Road, Suite 201A, Boca Raton FL 33433-3456


By Lawrence Kaufman
Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

7301 W Palmetto Park RD, Suite 201 A, Boca Raton FL 33433-3456