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(Note: This list and the following lists in this series of words will be revised several times each year. So, you may want to bookmark this page for future reference.)



Below are some of the most commonly used words (and phrases [not just a single word]) that my clients have used to express (or begin to express) their feelings, and to describe the feelings that they view others as having. This list can be used to help people in counseling and psychotherapy (and those who are not) more accurately and skillfully identify and name/ label their feelings (or words closely related to feelings), and to clearly, verbally communicate and express their inner feelings, experiences, and perceptions, to others they are close to.

You can add additional feeling related words to this list as you become aware of them in your daily life. You can also delete words from this list and then add them to another list in this series. For example, you can switch the word “abandoned” from the Level 1 list to the Level 2 list. You can also switch a word from the Level 2 list to the Level 1 list if you find this better matches your unique experience.

In addition, you can conveniently and easily print out these entire lists and email them (if you choose) to any email address you would like to send them to. (Just click on the “Print This” icon at the end of each list.) I wish you well in your lifelong journey towards beneficially increasing your emotional skill level and literacy! Your feedback on these lists is most welcome.


List of commonly used words that express feelings (directly or indirectly)


(This is the first list in a series of five increasingly challenging vocabulary lists.)

Updated on 3/13/20



abandoned able abnormal abused accepted  
accused active addicted adequate admired  
affectionate afraid aggressive alert alive  
alone amazed ambitious amused angry  
annoyed anxious appreciated appropriate artificial  
ashamed assertive astonished at peace attacked  
attracted to attractive authentic avoided awake  
awful awkward        

bad bashful battered beat beaten up  
beautiful betrayed better biased blamed  
blind bored bothered brave brilliant  
broken bullied burned out      

calm calmed down capable cared about cared for  
careful careless caring caught cautious  
certain challenged cheated cheerful clean  
clever close clumsy cold comfortable  
committed competent competitive compulsive concerned  
confident confused contaminated content controlled  
controlling convinced cooperative courageous courteous  
cozy crazy creative crippled critical  
criticized crowded cruel curious cute  

damaged dangerous dead deceived dedicated  
defeated delicate delighted demanding dependable  
dependent depressed deprived desperate destroyed  
destructive different difficult dirty disabled  
disappointed disapproved of discouraged discriminated against disgusted  
disgusting dishonest disliked disobedient disorganized  
disrespected disrespectful dissatisfied distant distorted  
distracted distressed distrustful disturbed dizzy  
doing okay down down in the dumps drained dread  
dropped drunk dull dumb    

eager easygoing effective efficient embarrassed  
emotional empty encouraged energetic enthusiastic  
envious equal evil exasperated excellent  
excited exhausted exploited exploited extraordinary  

fabulous fair fake falling apart false  
falsely accused fantastic fascinated fat fatigued  
fearful fed up fine fit flattered  
flexible fooled foolish forced forgetful  
forgiven forgiving fortunate fragile frantic  
freaked out free friendly frightened frustrated  
full funny furious      

ganged up on generous gentle giving glad  
good gorgeous grateful great greedy  
grief guilty        

handsome happy harsh hate hated  
healed healthy heard heavy helped  
helpful helpless high honest hopeful  
hopeless horrible horror hostile hot  
humiliated hung over hungry hurt    

idiotic ignorant ignored ill impatient  
impressed in control in pain inadequate inappropriate  
incapable incompetent inconsistent independent ineffective  
inferior infuriated injured innocent insane  
insecure insensitive insufficient insulted intelligent  
intense interested interrupted intolerant intoxicated  
invaded invisible irrational irresponsible irritated  



laughed at lazy legitimate let down lied to  
likable likeable liked little lively  
lonely lost loud lousy loved  
loving low loyal lucky    

mad made fun of magnificent manipulated marvelous  
mature mean messed up miserable misinterpreted  
misled mistreated mistrustful misunderstood mixed up  

nagged nasty naughty needed needy  
negative neglected nervous nice normal  
not myself nothing numb nuts    

obedient obligated obnoxious odd offended  
okay old open opposed ordered around  
ordinary organized out of control out of place outgoing  
outstanding over-loaded oversensitive overwhelmed overworked  

panicked panicky patient peaceful perfect  
phony picked on pissed pissed off playful  
pleasant pleased pleasurable pleasure poisoned  
poor popular positive powerful powerless  
precious predictable prejudiced prepared pressured  
pretty productive protected proud provoked  
punished pushed pushed away pushy put down  

quick quiet        

rage raped raw real reasonable  
reassured refreshed regretful rejected relaxed  
reliable relieved reluctant rescued resented  
resentful respected respectful responsible rested  
restless retaliated against rich ridiculous right  
rigid rotten rubbed the wrong way rude run down  

sabotaged sacrificed sad safe sane  
satisfied saved scared screwed up secure  
self-destructive selfish sensitive serious sexy  
shaken shaken up shame sharp shocked  
shouted at shy sick silly sincere  
sinful skilled skillful sleepy slow  
smart sneaky sober sore sorry  
special spoiled spontaneous stable starved  
starving still stingy strange stressed  
stressed out strong stubborn stuck stuffed  
stupid successful suffering super superior  
supported supportive sure surprised suspicious  
sweet swell sympathetic      

taken advantaged of talked down to teased tempted tender  
tense terrible terrific terrified terror  
thirsty threatened thrilled tight tired  
tolerant tolerated torn tough trapped  
tremendous tricked trusted trusting turned on  

ugly unafraid unappreciated unattractive uncared about  
uncared for uncertian unclear uncomfortable unconcerned  
undecided under pressure understanding understood undeserving  
undesirable uneasy unhappy unheard uninterested  
unloved unpredictable unreliable unseen unstable  
unsupported unsure unwanted up upset  
uptight used useful useless    

valuable valued vicous violent vulnerable  

wanted warm watched weak weird  
welcome welcomed well well-rested wicked  
wide awake wise wonderful worn out worried  
worthless worthwhile worthy wounded    






By Lawrence Kaufman, Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)       561-302-0568


By Lawrence Kaufman
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